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Fabulous Fresh Fruit



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E-book, Your Cleanse Companion, will be available Summer 2013.

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Book 2, Love Thy Veggies will be available Fall 2013.

Love Thy Veggies

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Beverly received her first cookbook as a birthday present at age 8, and has been cooking for family and friends ever since. Growing up in the small town of Spenard, Alaska, long winters and long distances combined to make fresh produce a luxury. The family moved to Pomona, California when Beverly was 12. Suddenly, fruits and vegetables were FRESH, and oh, what a difference that made. As a single young adult, Beverly continued to cook for her own pleasure. Collecting and trying new recipes became a hobby. She soon started to play with recipes… modifying ingredients, and trying duplicate restaurant dishes at home. Fruit trees and berries in the back yard produced seasonal abundance that led to new uses in the kitchen.

Heart disease, diabetes, and weight control concerns in the family led her to modify old favorites and search for new items to replace high-fat, high‐sodium foods while balancing proteins and carbohydrates. Then a dark time: first Mom, then a son, then her husband died, all within an 18 month period. Hiding out in the kitchen helped to disguise the loneliness…. Enough already! She left the sorrow behind and moved to a new town and a new life.

About the Series:

A Lifetime of Recipes is a 6-book series designed to make healthy, delicious, affordable food available to working adults who think they don’t have time to cook. The first book in the series, Fabulous Fresh Fruit, is focused on seasonal, locally grown fruit and how to use it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Go beyond pies and cakes to Lemon Raspberry Chicken, Pork with Pears, Nectarine-­‐Red Onion Salsa, and 400 more....

Future books include Love Thy Veggies; Recipes from the Farmers Market, and Long and Slow: Soups and Stews.

Title: A Lifetime of Recipes: Fabulous Fresh Fruit Author: Beverly Jo Noble Publisher: Noble Publishing Services, San Diego, CA United States of America Printer: Coburn Printing Ink, Santa Rosa, California, Printed in China ISBN: 978-­‐0-­‐9848747-­‐0-­‐5

You can reach the author at on LinkedIn, as Beverly (Wilson) Noble, at or at Mailing address: PO Box 130881, Carlsbad, CA 92013-0881

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